2023 Youth Citizenship Award - Avery Leete
This summer, the CSA community and with full support of the Youth Committee has selected another incredibly deserving person as our 2023 Youth Citizenship Award Winner. We had an overwhelming number of nominations for our winner this year. Over the years, our winners have embodied what it means to be a part of the CSA! This year’s winner is no different as she is genuinely connected to the CSA and demonstrates daily the spirit of inclusivity and doing things “The CSA Way”.

Avery Leete 2023 Youth Citizenship AwardThe surest way to find her is to look to the tennis courts. Since she was 11, when she began volunteering with the tennis program, we’ve had the privilege to watch her grow up into the confident young adult that she is today. She has been described as “being fantastic with the kids, always leading with kindness and inclusion.” “She has a smile on her face every morning, while being patient, kind and nurturing.” “Her parents have exposed her to great family values, to treasure the environment, and the importance of the CSA community.”

The descriptions of how she shows up, every day, go on and on. The positive feedback however didn’t stop with her time on the courts. Those who nominated her were quick to point out instances off the tennis courts, where she continues to lead by example and maintain the inclusive feel we all love about the CSA. So many children look up to her, and she’s never too busy with friends or family at the CSA beach to say hello or take the kids out for a swim to the raft. The way she engages with everyone, can only be described as authentic kindness. We are lucky to have her as part of our community.

This year, please join me in congratulating our 2023 Youth Citizenship Award recipient, Avery Leete!