Registration Fees - per week; no differentiation between adult and child registrations; children under age 3 are exempt from fees.
  1 Week $40.00
  2 Weeks $80.00
  3 Weeks $120.00
  4 Weeks $160.00
  5 Weeks $200.00
  6 Weeks $240.00
  7 Weeks $280.00
  8 Weeks $320.00
  9 Weeks $360.00
Special Fees
Assembly Water Well System Fee Annually $111.00
Assembly Water Well Reserve Waterline Fee  Annually 2020 -2025  $80.00
Assembly Dock Fee Season $1000.00
Assembly Mooring Fees
Pre-Season (5/26/24 - 6/15/24)
Post-Season (8/18/24 - 9/21/24)
Per Week
Per Week
In-Season Per Week $30.00
Beach/Boat Storage per Week
Storage fees are calculated for the time the boat is on the beach, not the time the owner is in residence. Type A (Butterfly) $10.00
  Type B (Larger) $25.00
  Type C (Kayaks and Canoes)   $8.00
  Vehicle Sticker per car $25.00
Racquet Fee for all "Tennis" Courts age 16 and older
  Per Week $5.00
  Guest Tennis Fee - per day  $5.00


Stickers for cars, boats and mopeds (50cc maximum permitted) can be obtained at the CSA office once the required fees
have been paid. Please attach the car sticker on the rear window or back bumper Attach the boat sticker on the stern at a
point readily visible when beached or moored, and outside the covered portion of the boat. All stickers include the owner’s
name and help identify in case of loss or accident, and dates of residence for validity checks.