Proposed Bylaw Changes for 2021 Annual Meeting

The Board is sponsoring two amendments to the CSA Bylaws. In a vote taken at the September 26, 2020 Special Meeting the membership voted overwhelmingly to change privilege ticket to Assembly ticket. The Bylaws Committee reviewed the current Bylaws and found three places where privilege ticket occurs. These occurrences are all in section I, Membership.

The proposed amendment #2 arises from our update to the CSA Articles of Incorporation. The Board recommends moving the language that defines the term of office for the Trustees from the Articles to the Bylaws.

Click here to review the proposed language for both amendments.

CSA Articles of Incorporation Update and Vote

The Board of Trustees voted to update the Articles of Incorporation, which had not been updated since originally filed in 1932. The Articles are foundational corporate documents filed with the State of Michigan and create the corporate existence. Our Bylaws work in conjunction with the Articles of Incorporation to form the legal backbone of the Assembly. The membership will vote to approve the updated Articles at the 2021 Annual Meeting.
Click here to read a presentation explaining the Articles, a copy of the updated Articles and a copy of the original Articles.

Officers of the Assembly

President: Holly Freeburg

3120 Sunset Dr,

Charlotte NC 28209

 (wtr) 281-687-3228

 (smr) 231-352-4129

Secretary: Jennifer Meeker

4213 Beach Dr. SW

Seattle, WA 98117

(wtr) 415-410-3403

(smr) 231-352-5081

Vice President: Beth Wolszon

1357 S Plymouth Court,

Chicago IL 60605

(wtr) 312-939-6271


Treasurer: Gary Dawley

392 Long Rapids,

Alpena, Ml 49707

(wtr) 989-356-6613

(smr) 231 -352-6019

Board of Trustees


Carol Edmonds, 2134 Robinson Rd PO Box 1026, Frankfort, MI 49635

Jim Gosnell, 10813 Long Shadow Ln, Houston TX 77024

Jeff Peoples, 17955 E Maplewood Dr, Aurora, CO 80016-3127

Shannon Wise, 1295 Mason Mill Ct, Herndon, VA 20170

Beth Wolszon, 1357 S Plymouth Ct, Chicago, IL 60605


Bill Barnes, 3224 NE 42nd Ave, Portland OR 97213-1121

Molly Bazzani, 2609 White Oak Ct, Ann Arbor MI 48103

David Belknap, 909 W Lynn St, Austin TX 78703

Heidi McCaulley, 124 Frances Cannon Dr, Anderson SC 29621

Jane Taylor, 2911 Burlington Ct Ann Arbor MI 48105


Ed Allred, 5039 Proctor Ave, Oakland CA 94618

Alfie Bingham, 1201 Carriage Lane, La Grange IL 60525

Brooke Hammond Cunningham, 1189 Asbury Ave, Winnetka IL 60093

Diane Robertson Tracy, 1926 Ness Road, Frankfort MI 49635

Crissie Fuller Vitale, 653 W. Barry, Apt 3S, Chicago IL 6065

Women's Association: Nancy Gaffney, 3 Observatory Hill, Cincinnatti, OH 45208 

Managing Director: Ken Cox 449 Fairway Isles Drive, Venice, FL 34285

(wtr) 720-344-1115 (smr) 231 -352-9701

Message from the President

June 2021

The CSA will be open this summer! The Board has worked diligently to provide the broadest activity offering possible under current safety guidelines. We will have to take different COVID safety measures during June as Michigan still has some restrictions. Beginning in July we expect all broad epidemic orders to be lifted.

Also, out of an abundance of caution, because we have members coming to the CSA from all over the country, we will not know individual vaccination status, and to protect our children under 12 years old who cannot be vaccinated, we will be taking some extra precautions this summer and we ask you to bear with us and please comply.

Please click here to read the COVID Participant Announcement

Holly Freeburg

CSA Board of Trustees President