Boat Moorings:

Registering for a mooring must be completed electronically using the form at the link below. Requests using the form will be handled as they are received, and an invoice will be sent to you promptly after the form is processed.

Begining in 2022, the Board of Trustees approved “shoulder season” options for moorings. Moorings will now be available for use pre-season and post-season. All boats must be off moorings by the date posted in the Office. The fee for a mooring is $30 per week.

Additionally, you will need to provide your own 6-foot-long mooring line that is between ½” to 5/8” in diameter depending on boat size/weight.

NEW 2024:

  • Boats may have a maximum length of 24 feet and weight of 6000 pounds.
  • Boats on moorings may not leave their canopy or Bimini up while on the mooring.

2024 CSA Mooring Registration Form

Boat Stickers:
In recent years it is not uncommon to find that a third or more of the sail & motor boats, kayaks, and paddle boards in the CSA Crystal beach boat storage area do not have up-to-date stickers. Per the Rules and Regulations of the CSA - all boats of any type or size must be registered at the Assembly Office before being placed on the beach and the CSA boat sticker must be on each boat. Please display the sticker on the stern of your boat and check to be sure it’s visible if you cover your boat. All boats must be pulled up at least six feet up from the water. All boats must be pulled up at least six feet up from the water. If members know that they will not be using their boat for a week or so, they should pull the boat farther up on the beach to leave room for boats in frequent use.

The Board of Trustees has received feedback that it is not fair that so many boats without stickers are getting “a free ride.” To increase compliance, the Board approved a plan to move unstickered boats to a Permit Detention Area (PDA) which is located behind the beach boat storage area, between the tree line and the road.

  • Every Tuesday a member of the Waterfront Committee will check for unstickered boats. When the owner’s name is clear on the boat, the boat owner will be contacted and reminded that they need to register and sticker their boat.
  • Every Thursday the Waterfront Committee will move any remaining unstickered boats to the Permit Detention Area (PDA) - located behind the boats, between the tree line and the road. Owners will be responsible for getting a sticker and moving the boat back.
  • Can I leave my boat on the CSA beach if I’m not in residence for part of the season? If you won’t be using your boat for at least a week, please store it elsewhere so access to boat storage is available for those currently in residence.

ALL boats stored in the CSA beach boat storage area must have a sticker – even paddle boards. Here are the sticker prices:

  • Type A (butterfly):  $10.00 per week 
  • Type B (larger):     $25.00 per week 
  • Type C: (kayaks, paddleboards and canoes): $8.00 per week

No boats need to end up in the Permit Detention Area (PDA)! If you already have a sticker, put it on your boat. If you don’t, pick one up at the office and get it on your boat. 

The CSA has 2 waterfront areas for use by members – Crystal Lake and Lake Michigan

All beach parking areas are patrolled periodically to check cars for a valid CSA car sticker.

Crystal Lake Rules: Crystal is a non-smoking beach

1. Trained lifeguards are on duty between the hours of 1:00 and 5:00 pm, and only when their presence is indicated by a Red Cross flag at the top of the beach flagstaff.

2. All trash must be deposited in the receptacles provided. All disposable diapers must be taken back to your cottage.

3. Bonfires are not permitted on the Crystal Lake Beach except at the designated fire pit below the Crystal View.

4. Dogs and other animals must not be brought onto the beach at any time.

5. No alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, smoking, marijuana or intoxicant derived from marijuana, or fireworks are allowed on the beach.

6. Radios are allowed only with personal earphones.

7. Use of cellphones is strongly discouraged.

Lake Michigan Rules:

1. Everyone must stay off the dunes.

2. All trash must be places in containers provided or taken back to your cottage.

3. The use of glass containers is prohibited on the beach.

4. Dogs must be on a leash on the CSA Michigan beach and all animal waste must be picked up by the owners for proper disposal.

5. Participants at beach parties are expected to keep noise (radios, voices, singing) at a reasonable and courteous level. Strict quiet hours are posted from 11:00 pm – 8:00 am. 

6. No alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, smoking, marijuana or intoxicant derived from marijuana, or fireworks are allowed on the beach

7. Fire Rules:

* Firewood may be gathered from the beach or taken down from your cottage supply. It is prohibited to climb the dunes to pull out dead tree roots or other wood for your fire.

* Fire sites are to be established and left for the next group to use again whenever possible.

* Fires must be doused with water prior to abandoning them.

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