Job Posting - 2016 CSA Communications Intern

Are you a CSA College Student who wants to Learn, Earn AND spend your summer at the CSA?
Are you a marketing, PR, journalism, new media, communications or English major? Or are you good at writing, websites and social media?
Can you:
    • Write clear and engaging communications?
    • Make a weekly plan and work it independently?
    • Work on a Joomla website?
    • Come up with creative ideas to engage the CSA community?

If so, this may be the job for YOU:
    • 11 Weeks Total. Two weeks before the season starts to get us ready, plus our 9 week season. Attractive Pay!
    • Work 20 hours a week in the CSA office. Check people in, answer questions, sell merchandise, and handle mail.
    • Work 20 hours a week as the Communications Intern:
           o Actively solicit information from Ken Cox and Committee Chairs and update our website.
           o Engage our community with pre- and post- reporting about what’s happening at the CSA for website, Facebook and Twitter. Attend events, take photos                                  and talk with participants.
           o Look for opportunities to better engage teens and young adults, including comprehensive coverage of teen activities.
           o Work on CSA Website to help set up new capabilities.

LEARN: Work with an International Journalist!
BUILD YOUR RESUME: Writing, reporting, social media, idea generation and summer “Web Master” experience


    • Write 500-600 words on what it is about the CSA that is important to you and how the CSA will be a part of your future
    • Send your resume and the communication you wrote to:  AND

Direct any questions to Beth Wolszon at