About the Communications Committee

During 2015 the Communications Committee worked on providing more and better digital communications as requested from feedback from the 2014 community survey. These communications fall into three areas – website, Facebook and mass emails – and help keep people connected to the CSA both during the season and throughout the year. The Communications Committee is committed to providing communications that are relevant and up-to-date.

Under the leadership of Doug Fuller, the CSA website was updated in 2015 to provide more capabilities and the layout was improved for easier reading. 

The CSA Facebook page is regularly updated during the season with current happenings at the CSA and around town including event photos. It is very popular with over 900 people following the CSA page and new people joining every week.

For the second year, weekly emails during the season were well received. This summer we added a staff member profile section. It is also used for one time notifications such as announcing the new website and job postings. Be sure to include your email address when registering to receive the emails.

Holly Freeburg - Chair