Rainy Day Traditions

This week began my second full week at the CSA this summer. The week started with three rainy days. Rainy days up here can quite literally lead to cabin fever. It can be frustrating not being able to do your favorite activities and enjoy the beauty around us. However, rainy days have led to some fun traditions that my friends and I have started. One of our favorite things that we’ve done in summers past, is gotten together on rainy days and collectively worked on our summer reading for school together. It was so hard to get ourselves to focus on warm days when we could be out playing on the field, or swimming out to the second raft. This forced us to hunker down together and get our work done.

Another rainy-day tradition I cherish up here is “drive-in movies” at the Frankfort A&W. When I was younger, my mom drove a gold Chevy minivan that had a VCR player TV. During days where it rained, we would go get lunch at A&W and watch a movie. Even though we were still cooped up looking at a screen, it was nice to get a change of scenery and cozy up with blankets in the car. 

Although it sometimes takes some creativity to have fun up here when it rains, rainy days Up North allow for us to hunker down and spend time with those that we love.  Afterall, for every rainy day up here, there are often several days of sunshine, swimming, and beach days to follow.