I am Maeve Madden and I’m currently volunteering as the CSA summer Communications intern. I bet we can all agree the summer of 2020 will certainly be one none of us will forget. Because this season looks very different from years past, I will write this blog to show CSA updates, and what life “Up North” is like during Covid-19. This will also serve as something of an archive of life here that further generations can access and ponder.

I arrived at the CSA just over a week ago. Since then I have been pleasantly surprised on how much of my life up here has been able to remain the same. Many activities I do including sailing, kayaking, walking and hiking are all very possible to do while socially distancing. As opposed to crowded city trails at home in Kansas City, MO, wooded roads like Thomas Road allow for walks where you don’t have to come in close contact with others. This has allowed me to be a lot more active than I am at home, and it feels great to be outside all the time after being cooped up all of quarantine.

Another pleasant surprise I’ve had is the use and enforcement of masks in downtown Frankfort. Back home the use of masks was encouraged, but hardly enforced. I have seen multiple people not wearing masks be asked to get one and put them on at businesses like Stormcloud and Anet & Ollie’s Five and Dime. The use of masks around town gives me hope that Frankfort won’t become a pandemic hotspot, as we have seen many vacation towns in Florida become.

Overall, I feel the CSA is a great place to practice social distancing, and I think we can all work together to enjoy our summer while still remaining conscious of the pandemic. Although there may be many things cancelled such as the 4th of July parade, staying home to stop the spread of COVID-19 will allow for future summers where we can safely crowd Frankfort again to carry on our beloved traditions.