Click on the links below for additional information from the Sea Grant or Water Resources Institutes of the University of Wisconsin and Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council.

Living on the Coast: Protecting Investments in Shore Property on the Great Lakes

If you own or plan to buy Great Lakes coastal property, or you are involved in coastal planning or development, this full-color 50-page booklet will help you make informed decisions.

Great Lakes Coastal Shore Protection Structures and Their Effects on Coastal Processes

Fact Sheet. 6 pages

Adapting to Changing Coast for Property Owners

Options and resources for Lake Michigan property owners. 73 pages

Adapting to Changing Coast for Local Officials

Options and Resources for Local Officials. 56 pages

When Your Home is at Imminent Risk from Bluff Failure

Learn more about options if your home is at imminent risk from bluff failure. 2 pages

Stabilizing Coastal Slopes on the Great Lakes

This 16-page publication discusses shoreline erosion and slope instability including: visible indicators of erosion and slope instability, management of surface water runoff and groundwater seepage, evidence of soil creep, improving slope stability, determining a safe setback distance, and a list of references for additional information.

Working with Engineers and Contractors on Shore Protection Projects

A description of the standard procedure a professional engineer will follow in a shore protection project and why hiring a professional is a good idea. It also includes suggestions on how to find a qualified engineer and additional resources. 4 pages

Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council

Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council is dedicated to protecting our lakes, streams, wetlands, and groundwater through respected advocacy, innovative education, technically sound water quality monitoring, thorough research, and restoration actions. We achieve our mission by empowering others and we believe in the capacity to make a positive difference. We work locally, regionally, and throughout the Great Lakes Basin to achieve our goals.