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Frequently Answered Questions for 2020 Season

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Q  1. Will the Assembly Building, Office and Pilgrim Place be open?

No. Sadly, we are not able to safely offer programmed activities or open any CSA buildings. Ken Cox (Managing Director) and Elaine Walton (Office Manager) will be our only staff, to handle minimal administrative/community needs.

ALL CSA buildings will be closed including bathrooms. We are not equipped to maintain the frequency and standard of deep cleaning required to keep our buildings safe.

Q  2. Will there be church services, and will the Meeting House be open?

There will be no church services this summer. It is not safe to congregate in a large group, especially as singing has been proven to spread the virus.

Q  3. Will we be able to use the Crystal Beach and playground?

The Crystal Lake beach will be open. There will be no lifeguards and appropriate signage will be posted that you swim at your own risk and follow state and local orders. The lifeline will be put in to keep boats from wandering into the area. The rafts and slide will not be put out, because we cannot control the social distancing requirements and number of people.

Availability of both the Crystal Lake and Lake Michigan playgrounds will be dependent on State of Michigan and local government orders. There will be signage indicating when they are closed. When open use at your own risk and follow state and local orders.

Q  4. Can I use the CSA Lake Michigan beach?

No. There is no safe access to the lake. Erosion has made the bluff extremely steep and difficult to traverse. Staying off the bluff and dune now helps protect this area for the future.

Q  5. Can I use the tennis courts?

Yes. The Tennis Committee is working out the details. Play at your own risk and follow state and local orders. 4 tennis court nets will be set up to allow for social distancing. Two at the Woods Courts, one at Crystal Beach and one at the Lake Michigan Beach. Not all courts will be open so that we allow adequate distance for people to feel in control of social distancing while playing.

Q  6. Will the Crystal View be open?

No, we will not open the Crystal View. We are not set up to handle social distancing and building cleanliness. We considered takeout only, but this is a discretionary expense and needs significant cash to buy start-up supplies. We have no data to understand if enough people would purchase takeout food to make a profit. We are also not comfortable that we can ensure the safety of our employees or the community.

Q  7. Can I buy CSA merchandise?

Not at this time. The Office will be closed, and this is another discretionary expense we cut to preserve our cash.

Q  8. Will there be operettas this year?

No, the operettas are cancelled this summer. The dates for the 2021 operettas are:

  • Children's Operetta: “A Cray Cray Day at the CSA” Tryouts - July 5, 2021 / Dress Rehearsal - July 16, 2021 / Children's Operetta - July 17, 2021
  • Adult Operetta “Beauty and the Beast” Tryouts - August 2, 2021 / Adult Operetta - August 13-14, 2021

Q  9. What fees are being charged this year?

We are asking everyone to make voluntary contributions, if financially able:

  • If you are at the CSA using the grounds, playing tennis or have your boat on the beach or dock, we ask you to pay $33 per adult (over 18 years old), per week you are there, as well as the normal car, tennis and boat fees. We will be distributing car and boat stickers which should be displayed by those using the grounds and beach/dock to ensure they are identifiable as members of the CSA community. See Question 12 on how to get your stickers.
  • If you are unable to come to the CSA this summer, we know it is a sad situation. But we hope you can still support our future. We request a voluntary donation of $66 from each adult community member who had a privilege ticket in 2019. This represents two weeks of fees. This does not apply to the 450 Associate Members who already paid the $66 fee earlier this year. Those payments are applied to this contribution. Many thanks to those who paid.

Q  10. Why are we being charged fees if the CSA buildings are not open and there is no “program?”

We are asking for contributions from our community to help secure the financial viability of the CSA. With all CSA activities, events, and lessons suspended this summer for the safety of our community, we will not receive the summer fees that would normally cover the majority of our Fiscal Year 2020 expenses and would have been the source of the cash we need to pay our Fiscal Year 2021 out-of-season expenses.

Q  11. What fees are being charged this year?

Fees will be charged for automobiles, tennis, boats, mooring and motorboat dock fees.

Q  12. How do I pay my fees and get stickers for my car / boat?

Print out and complete the 2020 CSA Registration Form on the CSA Web site by clicking on this link CSA 2020 Registration Form. Mail it with your check payable to the Congregational Summer Assembly at 2128 Pilgrim Highway, Frankfort, MI 49635-9247.

During the period June 22 through August 21, Elaine Walton, Office Manager, will be available at the Assembly building outside at a picnic table in good weather or on the porch during bad weather Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 9-12. You may pick up stickers at those times. We will be following state and local orders applicable to social distancing guidelines including keeping people 6 feet apart, wearing masks, and providing hand sanitizer. Elaine will mail stickers to those who wish to receive them by mail.

You may reach Elaine by email at or by phone at 231-352-4864. 

Q  13. Can I put my boat on the CSA Crystal beach?

Yes. We ask that you pay the normal boat fee(s). See Question 12 on how to get your sticker

Q  14. Where will I pick up my mail?

Mail sent to the CSA address (2128 Pilgrim Hwy. Frankfort MI 49635) will be available for pickup at the Frankfort Post Office. You can also rent a PO Box from the post office if there are any available.

Q  15. Where will I pick up packages from UPS and FedEx?

You can see if they will deliver to your street address, or check the applicable website for the nearest pick-up location.

Q  16. Can we use the ball field?

Yes, but there will be no organized CSA activities, and everyone should follow social distancing precautions and comply with state and local orders.  Use of the ball field will be at your own risk.

Q  17. Will the Crystal View bathrooms be open?

No. We are evaluating whether there is a safe option such as a porta-potty but no decision has been made at this time.

Q  18. Will we receive the weekly Emails from the CSA this summer?

The Communications Committee, the Arts Committee, and in fact all of your CSA Committees, are hard at work thinking of ways to connect us virtually. You will hear more about that in the weeks to come. In the meantime, if you have any creative ideas for connecting us during these tricky times, please do not hesitate to contact the various Committee Chairs, whose names and Email addresses are in your 2020 Assembly News on pages 8-9.

Q  19. Will the Crystal Lake fire pit be available for use?

Yes. Bring your own chairs and wood. Use at your own risk and follow state and local orders. 

Q  20. Will there be an annual meeting?

Yes, but we currently anticipate a virtual meeting in order to protect the safety of our community. More information to follow in July.

Q  21. Will the Crystal Lake and Watershed Association meeting be held in the Assembly building?

No. All CSA buildings will be closed for the summer.

Q  22. Will there be a CSA Arts & Crafts Fair / Cottage Treasures sale this summer?

No. The Arts & Crafts Fair and Cottage Treasures sale are cancelled.

Q  23. Will there be a Gibson Lecture Series this summer?

No. The lecture series is cancelled for this summer.

Q  24. Will there be a Citation Award this summer?

No. The Citation Award recipient is postponed to next summer.

Q  25. Will the Nature Explorers Program take place this summer?

No, it is postponed to next summer.

Q  26. Will the main CSA waterline be turned on? This pertains to the 30 cottages on the Assembly well.

Yes, the waterline has been turned on. We asked them to please bleach the new well to help prevent any coliform problems that might carry over from last summer. So, please remember to run your water for a bit if you open up your cottage this summer to help remove any bleach that might be in your pipes. Last summer we suggested that you run an outdoor spigot for a while to flush out your pipes. That would work well again this summer.

Q  27. Will there be trash service this summer?

Yes, garbage pickup will be available for cottages both on the CSA grounds and on M22 as usual on Tuesdays and Fridays. Plan to have your trash out, ready for pick-up by 7:30am. You may purchase the yellow bags required for trash pick-up at Family Fare market in Frankfort.

Pickup will begin Memorial Day week and due to the holiday will be Wednesday and Friday that week only. It ends on September 4th.

Q  28. Will there be any virtual ways for CSA members to connect with each other this summer?

Connection and community have always been deeply valued at the CSA, and committees will be discussing possible ways for our members to connect with each other this summer despite the cancellation of our in-person activities and programs. We will share information on those opportunities as soon as it becomes available and would welcome volunteers to help organize these efforts.

Associate Membership Initiative

During the October 2015 Board of Trustees Meeting the Board voted unanimously to move forward with a Membership Committee proposal to extend Associate Membership to all individuals who qualify. There are many individuals who have long standing with the CSA. These are individuals who are age 18 years or older and purchased, or had a privilege ticket purchased for them, for a period of at least one week over ten different summers. They love coming to the CSA and care about its future. Many of these people don’t know they are eligible, and some think they are already Associate members because of their family relationships. Many have come here for a lifetime and they represent a broad age range.

Associate Membership will make these individuals an official part of our community. With membership you are making a statement that you believe the CSA is a place you want to support. So we invite these friends and family members to come join our community, where generations of families have grown up enjoying the same kinds of summer pleasures over 100 years… picnics, the beach, family-oriented activities, speakers, square dances, community potluck dinners, movies on the beach, teen activities, kids’ sports like softball and soccer games, children’s dance nights and art classes.

The Membership Committee has identified approximately 1,200 individuals who qualify for Associate Membership. A letter will be mailed to these individuals by February 2017 inviting them to become members. The brief Q&A below will be included to help explain the advantages and responsibilities that accompany Associate Membership.

1. Q. Why am I getting this letter?

A. The Membership Committee has been working to identify all adult individuals who meet the requirements for Associate Membership. Knowing “Who” we are as a community is vitally necessary for the purposes of planning, staffing, budgeting, and programming in order to meet the mission of the C.S.A., “To promote the physical, intellectual, moral, and religious welfare of the constituency which it seeks to serve.”

2. Q. How did I qualify for this distinction?

A. You are eligible for associate membership because of your lengthy association with the CSA. You may have been an owner and are no longer named on the deed or you may be a spouse, an adult child, grandchild, or renter of an owner of CSA, Wildewood, or Golf Lane property. You may be related to an Associate Member, or have been a house guest for a number of years. Because of this lengthy association with the Assembly you meet the qualifications for associate membership.

3. Q. What does it mean to be an Associate Member?

A. Associate members have access to full participation in the CSA community. You may serve on the Board of Trustees, vote at the Annual Meetings (votes on certain issues are restricted to owners only), your family members become eligible to purchase privilege tickets and establish their own official association with the CSA. Finally, your house guests have access to all activities covered by their Assembly Privilege Ticket.

4. Q. What does it cost (if anything) to be an Associate Member?

A. Associate members are billed annually the equivalent of a two week individual privilege ticket (currently $56). You will receive an invoice for this association fee in the spring each year. This amount will then be credited towards your registration the next summer. If you do not register that next summer, or if you are only able to register for one week, then the balance of your association fee would be used to help the CSA maintain its services and infrastructure for the next time you are able to join us. If you forget to pay, or cannot pay in a given year, the amount will be carried over for up to five years at which time your associate membership will lapse. If after a certain period of time you wish to be reinstated as an Associate, there is a nominal (currently $28) reapplication fee added to the five years of lapsed association fees.

Q. If I do not chose to become an Associate Member at this time will I still be able to purchase a privilege ticket?

A. Yes, and if at a later date you chose to become an Associate Member, you may do so at that time.

Contact the CSA

Congregational Summer Assembly
2128 Pilgrim Highway
Frankfort, MI 49635
231.352.4751 Office

Other important information ...

Fire and Police Emergencies: Call 911
Please pick up a fire policy sheet (bright orange) in the CSA office and post it in your cottage.

Local Hospital: 231.352.2200
Paul Oliver Hospital on Park Avenue provides emergency medical care.

Defibrillators: On the exterior west wall of the Assembly Building is an automatic external defibrillator with built-in instructions to guide you in using it. Additional defibrillators are located in the dog house on the CSA Crystal Lake beach, and also on the back porch of the Meeting House.


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