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CSA Nature Explorers Summer Program 2021

Fun and engaging activities about Michigan plants and animals this summer at the CSA! Through art, games, and outdoor exploration, children will develop a stronger understanding of their environment. Science, music, team building, scavenger hunts, and live program animals will all be integrated into an exciting new way to explore the grounds of the CSA.This half day organized activity will be held July 19-23, 2021 from 1-5pm, at the Congregational Summer Assembly for ages 5-10 for a fee of $120. Drop-off location details and COVID 19 protocol will be announced closer to program dates.

Monday- Plants & Seeds Take a closer look at the parts of a plant by building a grass-head and dissecting a seed. Explore the local environment on a botany scavenger hunt and create leaf rubbing art while identifying native trees.

Tuesday- Insects & Spiders Search for invertebrates on a nature walk while discovering the differences between insects and spiders. Play pollination party, crawl through an “Ant City,” make butterfly and spider crafts, and sing the “Insect Body Parts” song.

Wednesday- Fish & Sharks Learn to identify native fish by designing a magnet fishing pole craft. Meet “Fred the Fish” in a water pollution activity, practice beading while making shark tooth necklaces, play predator and prey, and discover dip netting.

Thursday- Reptiles & Amphibians Gain an introduction to herpetology with live animals: Scaly, Lizzie, and Slimy. Create a snakeskin craft, make native reptile magnets, play with amphibian slime, and search for salamanders and frogs on a nature walk.

Friday- Birds & Mammals Discover the tracks, scat, and signs of local birds and mammals. Identify bones and feathers and listen to bird calls. Color black bear masks, make butter, build raptor mobiles, and play bird beak buffet, bird behavior bingo, and ranger tag.

Amalia Fernand has taught at the CSA for Ecology Fun since 2011, and at the Parent’s Night Out events. She has a Master of Science in ecological leadership and education, and a bachelor’s in environmental studies with minors in marine science and anthropology. With a background in environmental, experiential, and Montessori education, she has facilitated programming with children in over 20 countries, now teaches online with Outschool, and recently published her first books: Michigan Wildlife, A Coloring Field Guide, and Ohio Wildlife: A Coloring Field Guide. Amalia founded Nature Explorers International (NEI) with the mission to: inspire excitement and curiosity for the environment through art, science, and outdoor experiences.

Registration Details

Please respond to this post with your email and I will send you a registration form.

Nature Explorers International

PO Box 435

Benzonia, Mi 49616

Space is limited to fifteen students, and spaces will be filled in the order in which the completed registration is received. Only CSA Privilege Ticket holders are eligible to attend this program. An invoice and more parent information will be sent upon receipt of registration form.

Amalia Celeste Fernand

Online Educator with Outschool

Executive Director

Nature Explorers International

P.O. Box 435, Benzonia Mi, 49616

(231) 871-0276

Author of: Michigan Wildlife: A Coloring Field Guide and Ohio Wildlife: A Coloring Field Guide


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