Women's Association

"The purpose of this organization shall be to promote the social welfare and intellectual growth, contribute services and share in the financial support of women and children within the CSA and its greater community."

  • The Women’s Association is run by volunteers, and we welcome your participation. We also have board positions available for next year! Please contact Nancy or Janet to learn about volunteer opportunities and how you can help.

Nancy Gaffney - 513.304.9606                      Janet Dertz - 616.550.4179


Dog house LogoWe have had some great logos at the Assembly and the Women’s Association has decided to add another! The new logo will be used on merchandise that will be sold to benefit the Congregational Summer Assembly. There will be a $50 gift certificate awarded to the winner toward merchandise featuring your design!

More details:
Should be a SIMPLE design.
* Can be original or a spin off of an old logo
* Send jpeg (preferred) or photo of your 3”x 3” design to Ginny Terry by August 8, 2020
* CSA Women’s Association will request the right to use the logo on merchandise, etc.
* Designs will be voted on by the Women’s Association Board and announced at the WA Annual Meeting on Aug 14.

CSA Women’s Association Speaker and Annual Meeting

Friday, August 14, 2020 at 9:30am The meeting will be conducted on Zoom. The login  and detailed information is on the attached flyer below.

Becoming Mary Scully Presented by Philip D. Deloria
The Women’s Association is honored to have Philip D. Deloria as our speaker at our Annual meeting this year. Phil is an historian who specializes in Native American, Western American, and environmental history. He currently teaches in the Department of History at Harvard University and is the author of the award-winning books, Playing Indian (1999) and Indians in Unexpected Places (2004), among others. His most recent book, Becoming Mary Scully: Toward an American Abstract (2019), will be the focus of Phil’s presentation, see the attached flyer.


Call for Women’s Association Leadership!

Co-Chairs of the Women’s Association, Nancy Gaffney and Janet Dertz, terms are ending this summer, and we need your help!  We are asking the CSA community at large to nominate women to be considered to take over the Co-Chair positions at the end of this summer.  We also encourage women to feel free to nominate themselves.

Please send your nominations to Nancy and Janet, as follows:

Nancy Gaffney - 513.304.9606                            Janet Dertz - 616.550.4179

As co-chairs of the Women’s Association, your responsibilities will include providing direction and guidance to the Women’s Association Board to follow our mission:

 “to promote the social welfare and intellectual growth, contribute services and share in the financial support of women and children within the CSA and its greater community.”

The Women’s Association board is very dedicated, active, fun-loving group and is made up entirely of volunteers.  The board seeks CSA community involvement in our activities and strives to help the CSA be vital to our community.

The Women’s Association board consists of 11 board members, including chair(s) for the Women’s Association and Art Fair, as well as a Communication chair, Treasurer, Secretary and four members at large (with various responsibilities). The board meets monthly during the summer, as well as communicates periodically throughout the year via electronic correspondence.

One of the chairs of the Women’s Association has a seat at the CSA Board of Trustee meetings throughout the summer, as well as in November (Chicago).

Via the Art Fair (primarily), as well as other fund raising and selling of CSA merchandise, the proceeds generated mainly support CSA projects, activities as well as items requested by committees.  The Women’s Association has provided shade trees for Crystal Lake beach, ping pong tables, new soccer nets, as well as funded Ecology classes, art workshops, and youth programs, to name a few. The Women’s Association has also supported the local community in the past including the following agencies: BACN, Benzie Senior Resource Center, Crystal Lake & Watershed Association, Grow Benzie, etc.


Programs, Projects, and Local Organizations Supported

Here are some of the projects and programs that we help fund within the CSA community and those we contribute to within the Benzie country community: 


  • Butterfly Garden
  • Tennis Shed
  • File Cabinet for Membership
  • Beverage Receptacles
  • Recycling Bin Lids


  • Art Workshops
  • Authors and Artisans Fair
  • Children’s Library
  • Ecology Fun
  • Ecology Interns
  • Landscaping
  • Lemonade Sunday
  • Speakers
  • Youth Program
  • Arts and Crafts Classes

In addition to CSA programs, we encourage you to support these local organizations which serve year-round and seasonal residents.  These are the organizations the Women’s Association has contributed to in recent years:

  • COGNITION, Beulah - Interactive Science & Discovery Playground
  • PAUL OLIVER HEALTHCARE FOUNDATION - Pediatric ER – iPads/cover/headphones
  • BACN - Feminine Hygiene products
  • BENZIE SENIOR RESOURCE CENTER - Senior care – Senior Essential Needs Fund
  • CRYSTAL LAKE WATERSHED ASSN - Merganser Duck relocation & Swimmer’s Itch prevention program
  • GROW BENZIE - Early Childhood Nutrition program / Neighborhood Center Program
  • IMAGINATION LIBRARY, Frankfort - Monthly books to registered children (Dolly Parton)


Upcoming Events:

  • Yoga / Pilates Fusion Class with Social Distancing; Lake Michigan Tennis Court, Mondays and Wednesdays, 8:30am-9:45am for the remainder of the season.
  • Water aerobics class Fridays @ 3:30 - 4:00pm at Crystal Lake
  • WA Annual Meeting - August 14th at 9am. This will be a Zoom meeting with featured speaker, Philip Deloria - Information HERE


Funding Requests for 2021 Season:

The Women’s Association, under the leadership of the Finance Committee and approval of its Board, will consider funding requests proposed by Association members, the CSA Board of Trustees and/or Committees, and other members of the CSA community at large. Funding Criteria:

— Enhances the education and training needs of women and children

— Enhances the recreational and creative needs of women and children

— Enhances the health and safety of women and children

— Enhances the greater appreciation for nature and the environment

— Promotes the spiritual and religious welfare of women and children

— Aids in the administrative needs of the Women’s Association

In the past, the Women’s Association has approved funding for speakers, for supplies for Art Classes and Workshops, for the Children’s Library, Ecology Projects, Tennis program, Lemonade Sunday, Youth Programs and Equipment for the Assembly.

To be considered for funding, please fill out either the application for Projects and Purchases, or for Funding Speakers and submit to the Women’s Association.  (See details, deadlines and links below.) 

Deadlines for Funding Applications:

August 8, 2020 is the deadline for funding requests for speakers. (Dates for the Speakers must be cleared with the Calendar Committee.) For each speaker, the maximum amount of funding would be a $100 Honorarium, $30 for Posters or other publicity to advertise the event, and $70 for Refreshments, for a total not to exceed $200. Please complete the Application to Fund Speaker Programs and submit to Martha Reisner

Funding requests for specific Projects and/or Purchases should be made by August 8, 2020.  Please complete the Application to Fund Programs and Purchases and submit to Jan Lauerman at Jan Lauerman. Jan can also be contacted at 630 986-9743 (Winter) or 231 352-9369 (Summer). 

Board of the Women's Association, 2020

Nancy Gaffney - 513.304.9606     Janet Dertz - 616.550.4179  co-chairs

Jan Lauerman, Treasurer

Julie Knott

Jennifer Potter

Jane Karraker, Secretary

Claire Perry

Ginny Terry

Martha Reisner, Communications

Margie Finley & Barbara Patterson, Art Fair co-chair


Finance policy and annual report: For information on the Women's Association finance policy; please click here and the annual report here.

Bylaws: At the Annual Meeting on July 16, 2019, members voted to add changes to the Association's by-laws; click here for updated bylaws.