In recent years it is not uncommon to find that a third or more of the sail & motor boats, kayaks, and paddle boards in the CSA Crystal beach boat storage area do not have up-to-date stickers. Per the Rules and Regulations of the CSA - all boats of any type or size must be registered at the Assembly Office and the CSA boat sticker must be on each boat. All boats must be pulled up at least six feet up from the water. If members know that they will not be using their boat for a week or so, they should pull the boat farther up on the beach to leave room for boats in frequent use.

The Board of Trustees has received feedback that it is not fair that so many boats without stickers are getting “a free ride.” To increase compliance, the Board approved a plan to move unstickered boats to a Permit Detention Area (PDA) which is located behind the beach boat storage area, between the tree line and the road.

  • Every Monday a member of the Waterfront Committee will check for unstickered boats. When the owner’s name is clear on the boat, Ken Cox will call that day to give the owner a chance to promptly sticker the boat.
  • Every Wednesday the waterfront staff will move any remaining unstickered boats to the Permit Detention Area (PDA) - located behind the boats, between the tree line and the road. Owners will be responsible for getting a sticker and moving the boat back.
  • Please do not take it out on the waterfront staff. They are only doing their job.

ALL boats stored in the CSA beach boat storage area must have a sticker – even paddle boards. Here are the sticker prices:

  • Type A (butterfly): $10.00 per week 
  • Type B (larger):     $25.00 per week 
  • Type C: (kayaks, paddleboards and canoes): $5.00 per week

No boats need to end up in the Permit Detention Area (PDA)! If you already have a sticker, put it on your boat. If you don’t, pick one up at the office and get it on your boat.