As I hope all of you know, the CSA issued a survey last summer, and the Board of Trustees, the various committees, and the Staff are using the results to help improve things at the CSA. Although the results showed general satisfaction in all areas, and that things are improving from previous years, we would all like to make it even better. Click this link to view a PowerPoint summary of survey responses, created by Beth Wolszon. If you have questions or comments about it, please consult with the appropriate people. The names of Staff Directors, Committee Chairs/Members and the Board of Trustees are in the 2019 Assembly News.

CSA President Barb Perry wrote a nice Assembly News summary of survey items the Board, the various Committees and the Staff are paying greater attention to, and it’s worth repeating here:

  • Making the Assembly as a whole, a welcoming place;
  • Spiffing up the grounds by making the roads and pathways better for walking and driving, and renewing the natural beauty of the waterfront and area surrounding the Crystal View;
  • Educating the membership on invasive species and tree diseases. The Ecology, Forest Care, and Legal Committees are working together on a pilot program;
  • Providing paid internship positions;
  • Putting new energy into youth and family activities;
  • Nurturing the creative spirit in our community. The Spiritual Life and Arts Committees are working together on this;
  • Providing a way for students seeking service hours to keep track of volunteer activities;
  • Working beside and appreciating the Women’s Association for organizing and funding many programs (Please note they are looking for people to transition into leadership of the Art Fair.)
  • Revising the Construction Review Policies.

Also, there are a number of more specific action items being taken, which you should see evidence of this summer. Thanks very much to those of you who responded to the survey, and I hope everybody has a wonderful summer! – Tommy Williams, Chair, CSA Human Resources Committee. t