Assembly 2021 Calendar

For a PDF copy of the 2021 calendar click here

  Congregational Summer Assembly  
  Calendar 2021  
Saturday Jun-19 Board of Trustees Meeting 9:00 AM
Sunday Jun-20 First Sunday Service 11:00 AM
Monday Jun-21 Office Opens/Programs Begin 9:00 AM
Thursday Jun-24 Potluck Dinner 6:00 PM
Monday-Saturday Jul 05-10 July Tennis Tournament TBA
Monday Jul-05 Children's Operetta Try-outs 1:00 PM
Wednesday Jul-07 Art Workshops TBA
Saturday Jul-10 Dutton Concert 7:30 PM
Friday Jul-16 Women's Assoc. Annual Mtg 10:00 AM
Friday Jul-16 Operetta Dress Rehearsal 7:30 PM
Saturday Jul-17 Children's Operetta 7:30 PM
Sunday Jul-18 Citation Sunday 11:00 AM
Monday-Friday Jul 19-23 Nature Explorers Program TBA
Thursday Jul-22 Potluck Dinner 6:00 PM
Thursday Jul-22 Open Forum 7:30 PM
Saturday Jul-24 Board of Trustees Meeting 9:00 AM
Sunday Jul-25 Celebration of Life Sunday 11:00 AM
Tuesday Jul-27 Cottage Treasures Pre-sale 5:00 PM
Wednesday Jul-28 Arts and Crafts Fair 10:00 AM-4:00 PM
Friday Jul-30 Talent Night 7:30 PM
Saturday Jul-31 Annual Meeting 9:30 AM
Saturday Jul-31 Burrows-Getz Concert 7:30 PM
Monday Aug 2 Wildewood Assoc. Meeting 9:30 AM
Monday-Saturday Aug 02-07 August Tennis Tournament TBA
Monday-Friday Aug 02-06 Gibson Series  12:00 PM
Monday Aug-02 Adult Musical Try-outs 1:00 PM
Saturday Aug-07 Armstrong Concert 7:30 PM
Monday Aug-09 Art Workshops TBA
Wednesday Aug-11 Authors & Artisans Fair 10:00 AM-2:00 PM
Friday-Saturday Aug 13 -14 Adult Musical 7:30 PM
Thursday Aug-19 Potluck Dinner 6:00 PM
Thursday Aug-19 Open Forum 7:30 PM
Friday Aug-20 Office Closes/Programs End 4:00 PM
Sunday Aug-22 Last Sunday Service 11:00 AM

2021 Operetta Dates

The dates for the 2021 operettas are:

  • Children's Operetta: “A Cray Cray Day at the CSA” Tryouts - July 5, 2021 / Dress Rehearsal - July 16, 2021 / Children's Operetta - July 17, 2021
  • Adult Operetta “Beauty and the Beast” Tryouts - August 2, 2021 / Adult Operetta - August 13-14, 2021

The decision by the Directors was based on the casting of the adult operetta, Beauty and the Beast, last summer for this August 2020. The many cast members for the show will be available for August 2021. They have not had any discussion regarding the dates for 2022 season.