From the Ecology Committee:

We have received word from Northwest Michigan Invasive Species Network that due to a pause in federal funding, they do not at this time have the resources to assist us with garlic mustard removal on CSA common grounds.

If you have returned to CSA and are able, we encourage you to pull garlic mustard on your own property, as well as common grounds.

Remember to:

  1. Pull plants in May and June before the pods go to seed.
  2. Pull from the base of the plant - do not shake the roots (seeds will fall to the ground) - and immediately place the plant in a large black garbage bag.
  3. Take the bags to the Garlic Mustard Dumpster(s) located next to the Frankfort High School recycling trailer at the corner of 11th and James Streets. There is no fee for disposal.

PLEASE NOTE: This effort must be done in accordance with safety measures required by state and federal governments in relation to COVID-19.

Thank you.