Communications / Archives Internship Job and How to Apply

Are you a CSA College student (age 18-25) who wants to learn, earn AND summer at the CSA? Are you good at writing, photography/videography, social media and have good technical skills?

Can you:

  • Write clear and engaging communications?
  • Come up with creative ideas to engage the CSA community?
  • Create videos and interactive content?

If so, this may be the Internship for YOU!

The job entails working 40 hours a week for the 9-week CSA season. Pay is $15/hour.

  • Work 20 hours a week as the Communications Intern:
    • Write articles and create videos for the website, YouTube page and weekly emails. See
    • Provide engaging and expanded coverage of summer activities for our Facebook and Instagram pages. This includes attending CSA activities and taking photos/videos to post on the sites
    • Post White Board (Monday-Friday) and Youth Board (weekly) pictures to website
    • Write a “Fun Facts” column 2-3 times a week on interesting things from the CSA archives
    • Look for opportunities to better engage teens and young adults, including coverage of teen activities
  • Work 20 hours a week as the Archives Intern:
    • Use technology to digitize and organize our records and preserve our history
    • Help create educational presentations of archival material for Assembly gatherings and for youth activities. Bring the Assembly history to life!
    • Help make the archive material interesting and accessible to our community

LEARN: Work with the Communications Committee, including an international journalist. Learn how the CSA works, as well as fun things about our history.

BUILD YOUR RESUME: Writing, reporting, social media, idea generation, and videography.

APPLY BY April 1, 2020

  • Write 500-600 words on what it is about the CSA that is important to you . . . and how the CSA will be a part of your future.
  • Send your resume and the communication you wrote to:
  • Beth Congbalay at AND Jane Cooper at

Questions?  Contact Beth Congbalay at 847-682-8614 or .

Communications Committee Volunteer Opportunities

The Communications Committee is looking for new committee members and volunteers:

We are getting very positive feedback from you all and would love to do more. We have so many ideas that we can’t possibly do them all without additional help. There is a lot of demand from the community for engagement with stories, photos, videos, news about what the committees and Board of Trustees are doing, and learning about our history. There are more opportunities than we can handle with the current committee size and summer intern. If we don’t get additional help we will keep prioritizing and carrying on doing the best we can.

Let your creativity show!

  • You do not need to be here all season to join the committee or volunteer.
  • You can sign up for a single project or contribute several hours during the weeks you are here at the CSA. Next summer we will be publicizing our volunteer opportunities so people can sign up for an assignment. But we would love you to bring your own ideas too.
  • Some of this work can also be done at home. We can email you the information.
  • You can submit a single story/video or write/record a series over several months.
  • We can train you! You do not need to be experienced for most of the work we do.
  1. Instagram – post pictures regularly to the site, help administer by monitoring for inappropriate content & approving users. We are also looking for ideas on how to involve the community on using Instagram such as contests for best summer picture, favorite hiking spots, and best Crystal View food picture.
    • 1-2 hours a week during the 9 week season. You can take pictures to post during your regular activities.
    • 1 hour a month during offseason to post photos of the CSA and surrounding area during fall and winter.
  2. Story writing – looking for people who will write stories about CSA life. Stories could be their own personal CSA experiences (like Julie Walton’s Pirate story) or stories about CSA activities, concerts, committees, volunteerism, events, and people of interest/unsung heroes. The stories about the CSA frequently involve researching the web or archives, interviewing people and taking pictures. All stories are reviewed by the Committee Chair and Ginanne Brownell, an experienced international journalist who is on the committee, for content, grammar, and spelling.
    • A story takes approximately 2-6 hours from inception to final draft. This transpires over several days/weeks while the information is being gathered or the interview is taking place, then writing the story and getting it reviewed. A person could volunteer to write one story or several stories over the season.
  3. A teen/college student could be our reporter – taking photos or videos of an event such as an Ecology Explores trip, bird banding, water carnival, and youth outings. We can help you get community service hours! Whether you’re required to log them before high school graduation, want to give back to your community, or are just looking to add polish to your college applications.
  4. MailChimp (an email service) to help put together the content for the mass weekly “what’s happening” email. 10-11 emails go out during the season. The Committee Chair is the administrator of this process but could use some assistance / back-up. We have documentation on how to do this task!
    • 1-5 hours a week. Involves gathering information on activities happening the following week. Information comes from the Assembly News Master Calendar, Committee Chairs, event coordinators, white board, word of mouth…All input is due on Wednesday @1:00pm. It is then formatted into the MailChimp software, reviewed on Thursday afternoon with all comments due back by 9:30am Friday morning. The email is sent out at approximately 10am each Friday.
  5. Facebook to post regularly to the site including publicizing events (same as in weekly email or events/info that missed the email deadline), covering events and taking pictures, posting pictures about CSA Life. We have an experienced administrator, Beth Congbalay who manages our page. We need additional people to cover events and back-up the administrator.
    • 1-2 hours a week during the 9 week season
    • 1 hour a month during offseason if you live in the Frankfort area and would take interesting pictures of events and weather around the area. People love to see pictures of Frankfort and M-22 during the off season, especially snow pictures.
  6. Joomla for updating and maintaining the website. If you have any programming experience we can teach you Joomla. Our website is fairly straight forward.
    • 1-2 hours a week during the 9 week season
    • 1-5 hours between June 1-15 to get the website set-up for the season
    • 5-20 hours between September – May to do any major changes or additional features
  7. Videographers who can record and edit videos of CSA life and events for the CSA YouTube and Facebook pages.
    • Estimate 2-4 hours per video. For example, we would like a video of the Battle Hymn of the Republic and As the Saints Go Marching On during the 4th of July week church service. Another example – a day at the Crystal Lake beach.

If you are interested in joining us or volunteering the committee meets weekly during the season at Pilgrim Place on Wednesdays from 1-2pm. Please feel free to drop by. You can also contact Holly Freeburg, Committee Chair, at

About the Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is working hard to provide more and better digital communications to our community. Communications committee mandate falls into three areas – CSA website, CSA social media presence including our Facebook pages, Instagram, YouTube channel, and weekly activities emails – and help keep people connected to the CSA both during the season and throughout the year. We want people who are coming up for weekends or later in the summer to be "involved" in the CSA all summer long!

Thanks to everyone in the community who has sent us information and events to post and ideas for stories. Feedback from the CSA community indicates the communications have been well received and have even created a buzz. We also do a few articles over the winter to keep up the momentum, as while we are a summer community many committees and volunteers work year round on programs and projects.

Communications Committee meets every Wednesday during the season from 1:00-2:00 p.m. at Pilgrim Place. Please feel free to drop by and give us your suggestions and feedback. New members are welcome too!

Keep in Touch with the CSA Your Way

There are lots of ways of ways to keep in touch with what's going on at the CSA:

Weekly Activities Emails: We send out 1 email a week on Friday during the season highlighting goings-on around the Assembly and 1-4 emails during the winter on important topics. If you would like to receive emails from the CSA, you can subscribe by sending an email to .

CSA WEBSITE: Located at

The TOP BAR is the main navigation for the site. Click on the name or the drop down arrow CSAWebsiteArrow to see more information.


Check out the online calendar, you can click on the event shown in the calendar to find more details! 

The WHITE BOARD is located in the middle of the Home Page, but you have to mouse over it for it to show. Then click on VIEW LATEST WHITE BOARD to open it.


Facebook Pages:

The CSA Facebook page is updated regularly with current information, events and pictures. If you would like to submit content to post on this page, please email it to Beth Congbalay at .

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