Presenting, for the very first time for your viewing pleasure, it's Virtual Stunt Night!

The Assembly Arts Committee enjoyed putting this production together, and thanks all who contributed their time and talent. Despite the challenges of this summer, the show really did go on! Open this link to view.virtstuntngt
The video will continue to be available on the Congregational Summer Assembly YouTube channel where it can easily be shared. It has also just posted on the CSA Facebook page - search on Facebook for Congregational Summer Assembly.  Enjoy!

Arts Committee Purpose

The Arts Committee was formed in 2015 at the fall Board of Trustees meeting. Its purpose is to encourage and oversee artistic endeavors and the creative spirit for all ages. Our community is rich with painters, writers, actors, musicians, photographers, composers, and others who have much to offer. The Arts Committee will meet throughout the summer to discuss programming and to entertain new ideas for community sharing in a variety of art forms. This new committee looks forward to hearing suggestions and providing new venues to fan the flame of creativity in our community. Questions? Contact comittee chair Jane Taylor at