What a fantastic summer for our youth! We hope the connections and experiences they had will be cherished for years to come. Before the 2022 Season officially closes, the Youth Committee wants to share some highlights and also some very special thank you’s. We are already planning for Summer 2023. Save the date and spread the word for Summer 2023 Teen Dances - July 18 and August 1!


The Youth Committee

Christie Bednar, Diana Campbell, Luette Frost, Jen Hamdorf-Torrens, Jonie Leete, Stacey Peoples, Sophie Scanlan, Jenn Swetland, and Shannon Wise

233f6 YouthHighlights …

Successful implementation of separate middle school and high school programs

July Teen Dance with over 100 participants from the surrounding community

August Teen Dance with over 100 participants from the surrounding community

Middle School Lock-In

Crystal View After Hours Party

Interplay with Trebuchets STEM Event

Beginner Needlepoint Class

First ever Youth Leader Training

Field trips using the Benzie Bus

Remind App for easy and safe communication with families and youth

Variety of activities (i.e. bonfires, nature hikes, tie dye, volleyball/newcomb, soccer, tennis round robin, ping pong tournament, craft nights, water sports, Bigger & Better

Thank You’s…

The Board of Trustees and Ad Hoc Strategic Committee for listening, acknowledging and supporting the reimagining of youth programming!

Stacey Peoples for leading a meaningful and impactful training for staff interacting and leading our kids and youth.

Teen Dance Chaperones - Alan Marble (security), Margie Finley, Carol Johnson, Jeff Swetland, Sam Rosenblatt and Zoe Bednar

Steve Tezak of Starbase Alpena for leading an incredible “Interplay with Trebuchets” STEM Event (also special thank you to the ENTIRE Tezak & Dawley Family!)

Amy and Sarah Blessing of Loop for leading “Learn to Needlepoint”

Johnny O’Neal for beta testing a game with our middle school youth.

Heather Lotzar- our Youth Director for her willingness and compassion to take everything on this summer.

Our Youth Leaders - Sasha Nieman, Madeline Hart and Matthew McCormick

Amy Somero - for her consistent support, positivity and feedback to help make this summer so memorable for our youth.

The AMAZING (anonymous) community member who made a generous donation to Youth Programming the day after the July Teen Dance.

Our community - for the constant positive and supportive feedback!

233m6 youthCitizenThis summer the Youth Committee has selected an extraordinary community member to receive the citizenship award. Our deserving award winner embodies and teaches the spirit of the “CSA Way” with genuine compassion and enthusiasm. She has made significant contributions to the CSA by working on the waterfront for the past 11 years, taking over the tradition of MCing stunt night, previously run by her mother, and most recently leading our youth with a positive attitude as one of our amazing Youth Leaders.

Her commitment to inclusivity is evident as she makes sure everyone who attends youth events is welcomed and no one is left out. She not only leads FUN and creative activities like capture the flag, nature hikes, field trips on the Benzie Bus or the very popular Middle School Lock In, but teaches our youth about respect, sportsmanship and kindness and EVEN gives explanations and examples of WHY these attitudes and skills are necessary and important for life. She leads with integrity and has a true desire to understand ALL of our youth by listening and coming up with innovative and fair ways to help resolve conflicts. 

Her love for this community and desire to pass on CSA traditions have been passed on to her by her parents Liz Gottlieb and Martin Nieman.  Please join us in congratulating Sasha Nieman as our 2022 Citizenship Award winner!


The CSA Youth Program Vision – Provide experiences for our youth that will cultivate integrity, foster responsibility, promote inclusivity, and build confidence in their identity within the CSA and greater community. By doing so we will build a foundation that will prepare our youth for life, for relationships, and instill the value of service. Heather Lotzar is our Youth Manager and oversees the programs.

The CSA Youth Programs organize regular social, educational, and sports-oriented activities. This is a welcoming, fun, and enthusiastic environment for youth to connect with one another. We have programs for two age groups: Middle School and High School. Typical activities include – game night, bonfires and s'mores, volleyball, rafting down the Platte River and much more. The activities are planned a week in advance and posted each Sunday by 4 pm on the following Youth Boards: 

Click to open: High School Youth Board  /  Click to open: Middle School Youth Board

Youth Programs 2022 Flyer

Youth Leaders 2022

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