At the July 27, 2019 Annual Meeting we had a presentation by Dennis Nahnsen concerning Lake Michigan beach erosion issues. Dennis is a Wildewood resident and longtime CSA Associate Member. Due to the high level of water, and the intense wind and rain on Lake Michigan, the dunes in front of Wildewood, Golf Lane and the CSA Lake Michigan beach are eroding significantly. Wildewood and Golf Lane bluff owners want to take action to save the bluff in front of their homes. Wildewood requests temporary contractor access to its bluff from the CSA through CSA common property. The purpose is to construct a retaining wall to protect the Wildewood bluff, and potentially Golf Lane bluff, from rising lake levels.

No action can be taken unless and until the CSA Members vote on the matter. At the previous day’s Board of Trustees’ meeting, the Board passed the following resolution: The Board of Trustees expresses sympathy and support for residents of Wildewood and Golf Lane and we are committed to getting appropriate documentation to members to enable them to consider a request for permission to cross the Michigan dunes in connection with the erosion mitigation, with the understanding they will restore the dune and will bear the associated costs.

Click this link to view the Wildewood Powerpoint presentation.