Education Fund & Scholarships  —  Open the Scholarship Application(pdf file))

The CSA Education Fund was established October 24, 1992 to provide scholarships to CSA and Benzie County students. Scholarship applications are reviewed by the CSA Education Fund Trustees and granted considering the following: financial need, scholastic ability, strong commitment to service within their community, and admission to an undergraduate or post graduate program at an accredited college or university or into a vocational program. Priority is given to those enrolling in an associate degree, a bachelor’s degree, or vocational program. Past recipients are welcome to apply, up to a total of four years.

Contributions to the CSA Education Fund are tax deductible! General, honorary, or memorial gifts to the CSA Education Fund should be sent to:

CSA Education Fund
c/o Beth French
PO Box 1776
Frankfort, MI 49635

EF2021COLLAGEThanks to your generosity, eight students received scholarships totaling $21,000 in 2021. From the CSA:  Fiona McCaulley, Luke Coyne, Tyler Seward and McKenna Seward.  FEHS:  Clover Roeters and Emily Perkins.  BCHS:  Alana Kuhlen and Nevi Smith.

The students and Trustees would like to thank those who gave memorials and to acknowledge those in whose honor or memory the gifts were given.


Robert S Hawley, Pat and Jim Duff, Eddie Ellsworth, Russ Freeburg, Diane Kearney, Brian Leahy, Andy and Diane Campbell, Ginny and Ken Knutsen, Mary Lou Stanton, Micah Greenwalt, Ron and Beth Reagh.


Elsie and Bob Walton, Miriam Kirbye Schmidt, Glenn Schulz, Dr. Phil Hill, Judy Perry, Betty Johnson, Ted Curran, Tom Schopp, Mary Burrows, Mark Clements, Michael Potter, Willard I Webb III and IV, Ethel Sicha Cooper, Jean Sicha Roberts, Luanne Buzzell, Buddy and Katsy Hoerr, John and Jo Lukens, Tom and Emilie Williams, Flip Daly, Robert Rodgers, Jean Deeds, Michael McCaulley, Jack Frost, Patsy Smolik Beck, George and Gladys Bohman, Marc Haidle, Barbara and Bill Davis, John Charles Reid, Peggy Reid, Bruce Walker, Judy Perry, Becky and Tuck Tate, Theodore Furber, Lora Lee, Frank Perry III, Jane Schroeder, Charles French, and  David Shreiner.

We are ever grateful for the establishment of the Endowment Fund, the support of several family foundations and the fun-raising benefit golf scramble. Watch for details of next year’s golf scramble to be held at Crystal Lake Golf Course on Wednesday, June 29, 2022.

We count on YOUR donations, large and small.  They make up the bulk of the Fund and make life just a little easier for our students.

CSA Education Fund Trustees:

Jennifer Daly (chair), Gayle Boecker, Andy Campbell, Beth French, Rather Stanton, Steve Walton and Dave Wynne