Education Fund & Scholarships  —  Open the Scholarship Application(pdf file)

The CSA Education Fund was established October 24, 1992 to provide scholarships to CSA and Benzie County students. Scholarship applications are reviewed by the CSA Education Fund Trustees and granted considering the following: financial need, scholastic ability, strong commitment to service within their community, and admission to an undergraduate or post graduate program at an accredited college or university or into a vocational program. Priority is given to those enrolling in an associate degree, a bachelor’s degree, or vocational program. Past recipients are welcome to apply, up to a total of four years.

Contributions to the CSA Education Fund are tax deductible! General, honorary, or memorial gifts to the CSA Education Fund should be sent to:

CSA Education Fund
c/o Carol Edmonds
PO Box 1026
Frankfort, MI 49635

The CSA Education Fund is a group effort which, in 2019, generated 13 scholarships totaling $26,600 for worthy students from the CSA and Benzie County.

The Tom Williams Award was established in order to recognize the commitment to service which was a core element of Tom’s life. Anna Hunt, a graduate of Frankfort Elberta High School and senior at Hope College majoring in public accounting received the award last summer. The focus of her service is children, especially those considered to be ‘at risk’. Our congratulations to Anna!

The Trustees would like to thank those who gave memorials and to acknowledge those in whose memory or honor the gifts were given. Special thanks go to the families of Elizabeth Gottlieb and Barbara MacInnis for designating the Fund for memorials.


Marc and Jeanne Mainati, Eddie Ellsworth, Tom and Sue Teteak, Marcie and John Sznewajs, Patrice Spitzer, Pat and Jim Duft, Russ Freeburg


H Kelley Rollings, Tom and Emilie Williams, Dr. John Terry, David Shreiner, Barbara MacInnis, Elizabeth Gottlieb, Robert Stratton Hawley, Bill Sorenson

Elsie and Bob Walton, Frank U. Perry III, Miriam Kirby Schmidt, Glenn H. Schulz, Phil Hill, Judy Perry, Betty Johnson, Bruce Walker, Ted Curran, Thomas Schopp

Mary Burrows, Michael Davidson Potter, Theodore King Furber

(Every effort has been made to include all memorials. Some may not appear in this issue due to the deadline.)

We are ever grateful for the continued support of the Dutton Foundation and the CSA Women’s Association. The Endowment Fund, which was established in 2018, yielded approximately $1900, which provided a scholarship to one student. 

Along with the generous support of the community, there were two very innovative gifts last summer. Russ Freeburg donated the proceeds from the summer sales of his memoir “Inside the Front Page”. If you haven’t read it, check it out! Beth Kloskoski and company organized a four- person golf scramble at Crystal Lake Golf Club. It generated not only loads of fun, but just over $3000 for the Fund. If you missed out, watch this space for a 2021 event. The one for Monday, June 29, 2020 at Crystal Lake Golf Course has been canceled. You might consider sponsoring a hole. Watch for registration info on CSA 411 or on the website.

Large or small, each donation is truly appreciated. Together, we are making a difference!

Education Fund Trustees

Ginny Knutsen, chair

Top: Luke Reed, Jordan Seward, Fenn McCaulley, McKenna Seward
Midddle: Anna Hunt, Pearl Cooper, Nevaeh Smith, Emily Perkins, Manon Lutzke
Bottom: Paige Cutler, Rachel McAnulty, Marian Cooper, Jake Reed.