Our Intern, Sam, caught up with some of our 4 legged friends and they told him what they love most about the CSA! Just like us they like to talk and have their picture taken!


Left to right: Duncan McCormick, Crystal and Blackjack Congbalay (Pringle)

Duncan, Crystal, and Blackjack hail from the East Coast and Midwest respectively, but Northern Michigan is their home. Every year as they pass through the Frankfort archway, their ears perk up and they sniff the air with building excitement. Duncan loves Lake Michigan, taking every chance he gets to play on the beach. When he goes missing, that is where you will find him. Every time. Touring the CSA with their cousin dog Duncan is a favorite past-time of Crystal and Blackjack. They share his love of the beach, and love playing in the water.



Aero Miller is a CSA native. She lives in the area year-round, from the cold, snowy winters to the lazily warm summers. She considers it her duty to guard the Miller house, but will take any opportunity she gets to take a car ride (preferably to the beach). Swimming is not her favorite summer activity, but she loves to take long walks on the CSA Lake Michigan beach. 




Nico Schmidt is the fourth Schmidt family dachshund. He is from Santa Rosa, California, and was the product of a long and strenuous search for a successor to the legendary Boris. After a traumatic first day on the job, he was bonded for life with human Bob Schmidt. He enjoys lounging in the sun on the patio and loves to take walks on the beach and around the CSA.




Gladys Belknap is the namesake of David and Sarah Belknap’s grandmother who decreed that no dog should ever bear her name. They took note of that, but after a family dog was named after their other grandmother, they decided to make a pair. Gladys (the dog) loves to swim in Lake Michigan, and plays fetch there most every evening. In the mornings she can be found lounging by the fire, and under the table during mealtimes (but not for food, that would be silly).




Mason Murmann doesn’t like to say that he came all the way from Columbia, MO for the treats in the Assembly Building, but he would be lying if he said otherwise. He also enjoys walking around the CSA forests.





Chessie Brown is a very loving dog, but may or may not have been spotted trudging the grounds of the CSA in the Cone of Shame (for reasons undisclosed). He loves to take walks in the woods, and enjoys our many beaches.