By Sam Buzzell July 2017

It's a busy few weeks ahead full of arts, culture and lecturers here at the CSA. Here is a sneak peek of what we have coming up:

Swimmer’s Itch Lecture - July 18 at 10 am in the Assembly Building

Dr. Curtis L. Blankespoor is a leading biologist on swimmer’s itch. This talk is a culmination of years of research concerning cercarial dermatitis (the proper name of swimmer's itch). The lecture will focus on state-funded efforts of the capture and release program, moving broods of common mergansers and their ducklings - the key avian component - to other parts of the state so that Crystal Lake does not imprint in the ducklings memories. If you are obsessed by swimmer's itch, loathe swimmer's itch or merely interested in learning more about how to avoid cercarial dermatitis, this is the talk for you.

Burrows-Getz Concert - July 29 at 7:30 pm at the Meeting House


Composer George Gershwin became an American music legend in the first half of the 20th century - his revolutionary blend of classical, jazz and popular music paving his way to fame. He performed in homes across the country on the Steinway Model O.

It is on one such Model O that our latest guest, pianist Pierce Kagari Emata, will play the music of Gershwin on July 29. This nod to Gershwin comes after a recent refurbishment of the CSA's Steinway, the music completing a full circle for the instrument. Our 1917 Steinway O piano is 100 years old this summer. So it is indeed of the same vintage and model that Gershwin would often play. Emata is a member of the Interlochen Arts Camp's summer piano faculty.

Invasive Species Lecture - August 1 at 10:00 am in the Assembly Building

Katie Grzesiak and Jane Limmer Perrino will be speaking about the invasive species that threaten our area. Katie will focus on land-based plants, garlic mustard and poenemorlis - an invasive grass currently growing in the CSA. She will touch on the five invasive plants that represent the greatest potential danger to the Northwestern Michigan region. She is involved with the Northwest Michigan Invasive Species Network, a branch of the Grand Traverse Conservation District. Jane will update on the aquatic life, including zebra mussels. They both will update us on the organization’s work, and their close relationship with the CSA.

Armstrong Concert - August 5 at 7:30 pm at the Meeting House

The Manitou Winds will fill the Meeting House with chamber music, poetry and song aided by guest soprano Emily Curtin Culler. They have described their performances as a "conversation between musicians; each instrument contributes its own unique twist and perspective to the central theme while the musicians work together in shifting roles to keep the piece aloft and in motion." A relaxing night of music in the woods.

Gibson Series - August 7-11 at 12 pm in the Assembly Building

Our Gibson lecturer this year will be Dr. Maureen O’Connell, chair of the Department of Religion at La Salle University in Philadelphia. Her lectures will address the topic of racism in America, asking the question, "as a nation and as Christians, what is the role that we have played, can now play, and vow to play in the future as it relates to whiteness being the norm by which all other races seem to be measured." Bring your pack lunch and join us for a week of thought-provoking lectures on a very contemporary topic.