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Thanks to the staff and volunteers for your hard work, dedication to your responsibilities, and most of all for keeping the spirit of the Assembly alive and well!  I will look forward to seeing all of you back here at Pilgrim in June! 

12/18/17  I will be posting notices of births and deaths since this past summer...  Here is a note that I just received about the passing of Sandra Kay Lichty 

Hi Ken,
Thank you for your note. Sandy and Larry have been life long CSA supporters and community members dating back to the 60’s and took my wife, Belinda Clarke (née Lichty), many years when she was young in the 70’s. They stayed many years at Weeke’s  End and Sandy even wrote part of her PhD. dissertation for Wisconsin there. 
She was delighted to introduce her grandsons, our boys, Nolan Kenneth Clarke and Wilson Powell Clarke, to CSA where they have spent every August since 2007. She delighted in the community, the activities, and the beauty of the place. She often mentioned how she and her dad would play golf at the old golf course. 
Sandy passed away on Sunday, December 10 quietly and peacefully at home with her husband and her eldest daughter, Belinda, by her side. She was loved by many and is missed. 
Her obituary is linked below.
Thank you. 
Greg Clarke
Associate Member
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