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The Adult Musical this year was actually highlights from a variety of shows, most of which have been presented at the CSA over the years.  What a fun evening of entertainment it was!  Thanks to all who pitched in to get this program up on the stage!  We have the Arts and Crafts fair coming up this week..  lots of volunteers are working to get this annual event up and running.  Be sure and stop by on Wednesday to visit the booths and connect with some local artists and artisans. 

We are proud to announce the arrival of our twins:

Philip Quentin McKenna (Peterson)
Kysa Quinn McKenna (Peterson)

Born on September 16, 2016

Parents: Pirkko Peterson McKenna & Philip H. McKenna


Birth: Rokia Blakely, born to Brian Blakely and Catherine Nolet on November 8, 2016 in St Paul MN. Brother is Julian (2/24/14), grandparents Craig Blakely and Mary Sellers


David Simpson, son of Kathryn and Howard called this morning to notify the CSA that Kathryn died yesterday, April 5, 2017 at the age of 92.  Howard, age 99, survives her.



I will be posting notices of births and deaths that have occured after the 2016 list is read in church on Sunday.   If you would like me to post a family member's name on one of these lists, please contact me at       Ken Cox