From the Managing Director

We are beginning the final week of the 2017 season.  As usual, the time has flown by.  The weather has been delightful this summer, with plenty of rain to keep the vegetation happy.  We have not used a tractor sprinkler on the ball field at all this summer.  I can't remember the last time that happened.  The Children's Operetta, Fit for a King, was a big success and the volunteers did an amazing job once again.  I am honored to lead such a fine staff and many other folks who pitch in to help with our various events and projects.  Our final church service will take place this next Sunday, with the posting and reading of the Celebration of Life. 

We are proud to announce the arrival of our twins:

Philip Quentin McKenna (Peterson)
Kysa Quinn McKenna (Peterson)

Born on September 16, 2016

Parents: Pirkko Peterson McKenna & Philip H. McKenna


Birth: Rokia Blakely, born to Brian Blakely and Catherine Nolet on November 8, 2016 in St Paul MN. Brother is Julian (2/24/14), grandparents Craig Blakely and Mary Sellers


David Simpson, son of Kathryn and Howard called this morning to notify the CSA that Kathryn died yesterday, April 5, 2017 at the age of 92.  Howard, age 99, survives her.



I will be posting notices of births and deaths that have occured after the 2016 list is read in church on Sunday.   If you would like me to post a family member's name on one of these lists, please contact me at       Ken Cox








The Congregational Summer Assembly Annual Meeting shall be held on Saturday, July 29, 2017 at 9:30 a.m. in the Assembly Building, CSA, Frankfort, Michigan. The following business will be before the meeting:


The following four candidates have agreed to be nominated at the 2017 Annual Meeting to serve as trustees from 2017-2020:

1. Holly Freeburg, 2. Luette Frost, 3. John Harbeson, 4. Alan Marble, 5. Robert Molloy


Members eligible to vote who are unable to attend the Annual Meeting should file proxy votes with the secretary at least 24 hours prior to the meeting. Proxy votes, which may be left at the office, must include the name of the voting member, name of the member authorized to vote in proxy, name and date of the meeting to which the proxy applies. No more than 7 proxy votes shall be held by one person. Associate Members are not permitted to designate proxies.

The following is a sample proxy which would apply to any business which properly may come before said meeting. You may limit such a proxy to certain issues or motions if you wish.


“Know all persons by these presents. That I _____________________________________________________________

of ____________________________________________________________________do hereby constitute and appoint _____________________________________

  _______________________________________ my proxy at the meeting of the Congregational Summer Assembly to be held at C.S.A. on the ______day of 20____.

Signature ______________________________________________

Date   _____________________________________


2016 Annual Meeting

Click here to read the CSA August 6 2016 Annual Meeting Minutes.

2015 Annual Meeting

Click here to read the CSA July 25 2015 Annual Meeting Minutes.








The Nomination Process for the Board of Trustees

In an effort to make the nominations process transparent, below is information on how the committee selects nominees. The Nominations Committee meets once each summer, and in the course of a couple hours of very lively debate, selects five nominees: three Lot Owners and two Associate Members. 

The ideal candidate has a record of sustained service to the Congregational Summer Assembly, works well in groups, accepts responsibility, and possesses expertise on issues such as finance, land use and personnel. At least one nominee is chosen because he/she appears to be capable of eventually assuming the CSA presidency. The committee tries to select a slate that represents a balance of ages, genders, interests, and professional backgrounds. The committee ensures that there is always a member of the clergy on the Board of Trustees. Anyone wishing to nominate someone for the Board is encouraged to contact a member of the committee.

Following the committee meeting, each nominee is contacted and asked if they are willing to serve as a trustee for three years, attend nearly all Board Meetings (particularly the fall meeting), accept the financial costs and the sacrifice of time that go with being a trustee. Most nominees readily consent to serve as trustees. However, if a nominee asks to be considered at a later date or declares themselves unable to accept the post, one of the well qualified nominees on the back up list is contacted. If there is a vacancy on the Board during the winter, the Executive Committee is provided with one or more nominees from the back up list to serve until the next annual meeting.

The following five candidates have agreed to be nominated at the 2016 Annual Meeting to serve as trustees from 2017-2020:

1. Holly Freeburg, 2. Luette Frost, 3. John Harbeson, 4. Alan Marble, 5. Robert Molloy

Committee Members:

Liz Gottlieb, Chair

Jonathan Buntain

Anne Burt

Joel Buzzell

Molly Bazzani

Lou Cenname

Ellen Herscher

Lou Rollinson

Bob Schmidt

Helen Wangard

Nancy Weir




Here are current committee chairs:

Click on names below to send an email.

Arts Barbara Perry and Jane Taylor
Budget Lou Rollinson
Buildings & GroundsJoel A. Buzzell
BylawsJim Gosnell
Calendar Linda Schopp
Citations Marjorie Pearsall-Groenwald
Communications Holly Freeburg
Construction Review Tom Kucera
Crystal View 
Ecology Linda Campbell
Education Fund Ginny Knutsen
Executive  Larry Iles
Forest Care Julia Nerbronne
Membership Tim Dennison
Nominations Elizabeth Gottlieb
Pilgrim Fund David Pray
Preservation Fund Fred Lauerman
Spiritual Life Fred Edmonds
Tennis Alan Marble and Dennis Nahnsen
Waterfront  Ann Burroughs and Bob Cooper
Youth  — Kathy Way-Molloy and Kathleen Lodes

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