Message from the President

On November 11, the Board of Trustees and the Committee Chairs gathered at a conference room near O’Hare Airport for the Mid-Winter Meeting. Some of us traveled from Michigan, others from the West and East Coasts. We debated, discussed and made decisions concerning the business of the CSA. We looked back on the summer of 2017 and planned for the summer of 2018. What a gift the Assembly is to all of us, and what a pleasure it was to see summer faces as winter approaches.

At the meeting, Julie Walton announced that she will be stepping down from the position of Secretary. Julie has been doing a wonderful job and promises to continue through August of 2018. Ideally the new Secretary would shadow Julie this summer, assuring a smooth transition. If you or anyone you know would be interested in finding out more about this position, take a look at the posted job description. I’m trying to think of a way to entice you to come work with me and the fun and fabulous BOT. It’s enjoyable! You get to know the inner workings of the CSA! You get to see summer faces in November! Contact me if you’re interested.

Keep an eye out for the Assembly News this spring to see the many thing to look forward to in the summer of 2018.

Barbara Perry

From the Managing Director

The July tennis tournament is going well.  We've had lots of dry, sunny days, as of late, with a delightful rain yesterday.  The ball field is greening up this morning...

We've had just a few cases of swimmer's itch so far this summer.  Much improved from last year.  The children's operetta, with almost 90 kids is in the first week of rehearsal.  This is a wonderful demonstration of volunteers coming forward to help the kids put on a great show. 





The Nomination Process for the Board of Trustees

In an effort to make the nominations process transparent, below is information on how the committee selects nominees. The Nominations Committee meets once each summer, and in the course of a couple hours of very lively debate, selects five nominees: three Lot Owners and two Associate Members. 

The ideal candidate has a record of sustained service to the Congregational Summer Assembly, works well in groups, accepts responsibility, and possesses expertise on issues such as finance, land use and personnel. At least one nominee is chosen because he/she appears to be capable of eventually assuming the CSA presidency. The committee tries to select a slate that represents a balance of ages, genders, interests, and professional backgrounds. The committee ensures that there is always a member of the clergy on the Board of Trustees. Anyone wishing to nominate someone for the Board is encouraged to contact a member of the committee.

Following the committee meeting, each nominee is contacted and asked if they are willing to serve as a trustee for three years, attend nearly all Board Meetings (particularly the fall meeting), accept the financial costs and the sacrifice of time that go with being a trustee. Most nominees readily consent to serve as trustees. However, if a nominee asks to be considered at a later date or declares themselves unable to accept the post, one of the well qualified nominees on the back up list is contacted. If there is a vacancy on the Board during the winter, the Executive Committee is provided with one or more nominees from the back up list to serve until the next annual meeting.

The following five candidates have agreed to be nominated at the 2018 Annual Meeting to serve as trustees from 2018-2021:

1. Carol Edmonds, 2. Jeff Peoples, 3. Cathie Walker, 4. Shannon Wise, 5. Beth Wolszon

Committee Members:

Liz Gottlieb, Chair

Jonathan Buntain

Anne Burt

Joel Buzzell

Molly Bazzani

Debbie Cenname

Ellen Herscher

Lou Rollinson

Bob Schmidt

Helen Wangard

Nancy Weir




Job Opening CSA Secretary:

This is a volunteer position. It starts in June 2018. You will shadow the current sectretary, Julie Walton, as she prepares for the June 30th & August 3rd, Board of Trustees Meetings and August 4th, 2018 Annual Meeting. You will be elected as Secretary at the Board of Trustees Reorganization Meeting immediately following the Annual Meeting. If you are interested in applying for the position, please contact CSA President Barbara Perry at 

Below is a description of the duties:

The Secretary attends and takes minutes of all Board of Trustee meetings - Annual, Reorganization, and summer, fall-winter meetings - and ensures there is a quorum. Minutes must be accurate as they are the official record of the Assembly. The minutes of the Board meetings must be distributed to the Trustees within two weeks after regular summer meetings and within four weeks after the annual meeting or fall meeting. Additional responsibilities include:

  • Coordinate with Assembly office staff to prepare for all Board meetings
  • Remind committee chairs to submit written reports electronically at least three days before each summer meeting, and three weeks before the fall-winter meeting
  • Make all arrangements for the fall-winter meeting, communicate these to all Trustees, Managing Director, Office Manager, and committee chairs, and prepare the meeting packet (print and/or electronic)
  • Ensure that the published Bylaws (on the website) are up to date
  • Update the list of Committee members and chairs each fall. The document is named CSA Official Committee Member List and is located on the CSA Google Drive
  • Assist the office staff and managing director in editing the “galley” copies of the Assembly News
  • Archive all reports and minutes for the Archivist.  Minutes are labeled DRAFT until they are approved at the next regular meeting.  A hard copy of all reports and minutes are filed by year.  The Secretary keeps possession of two years’ worth of files, giving the third year to the Archivist each summer



The Congregational Summer Assembly Annual Meeting shall be held on Saturday, August 4, 2018 at 9:30 a.m. in the Assembly Building, CSA, Frankfort, Michigan. The following business will be before the meeting:


The following five candidates have agreed to be nominated at the 2018 Annual Meeting to serve as trustees from 2018-2021:

1. Carol Edmonds, 2. Jeff Peoples, 3. Cathie Walker, 4. Shannon Wise, 5. Beth Wolszon


Members eligible to vote who are unable to attend the Annual Meeting should file proxy votes with the secretary at least 24 hours prior to the meeting. Proxy votes, which may be left at the office, must include the name of the voting member, name of the member authorized to vote in proxy, name and date of the meeting to which the proxy applies. No more than 7 proxy votes shall be held by one person. Associate Members are not permitted to designate proxies.

The following is a sample proxy which would apply to any business which properly may come before said meeting. You may limit such a proxy to certain issues or motions if you wish.


“Know all persons by these presents. That I _____________________________________________________________

of ____________________________________________________________________do hereby constitute and appoint _____________________________________

  _______________________________________ my proxy at the meeting of the Congregational Summer Assembly to be held at C.S.A. on the ______day of 20____.

Signature ______________________________________________

Date   _____________________________________


2016 Annual Meeting

Click here to read the CSA August 6 2016 Annual Meeting Minutes.

2015 Annual Meeting

Click here to read the CSA July 25 2015 Annual Meeting Minutes.







From the President

Now that the programs and season of the CSA are solidly over for 2017, it feels like the Meeting House on a Sunday morning after the choir sings a last note of a song. Ken, with the flick of his fingers, has brought silence, but the music lingers in the air.

I’m one of the lucky ones who gets to stay through September in this wonderful place. It’s the same and not the same. The only balls on the ball field these days are the ones being chased by Alan and Jill Marble’s dog. Yesterday, Lou Rollinson and I took our chances and swam the lifeline. Today, the air temperature might hit 70. Judy Rodes and I plan to sneak into the costume room in preparation for the Youth Operetta Judy is writing for next summer. The sunsets and sunrises still cast a pink glow in the air, but there aren’t as many of us here to witness the beauty. The same and not the same.

We at the CSA are an intricate web of people. I look forward to working and playing together with you behind the scenes and out in the open, over the winter and when the changing leaves come back again.

All the best to all of you.

Barbara Perry

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