From the President

Now that the programs and season of the CSA are solidly over for 2017, it feels like the Meeting House on a Sunday morning after the choir sings a last note of a song. Ken, with the flick of his fingers, has brought silence, but the music lingers in the air.

I’m one of the lucky ones who gets to stay through September in this wonderful place. It’s the same and not the same. The only balls on the ball field these days are the ones being chased by Alan and Jill Marble’s dog. Yesterday, Lou Rollinson and I took our chances and swam the lifeline. Today, the air temperature might hit 70. Judy Rodes and I plan to sneak into the costume room in preparation for the Youth Operetta Judy is writing for next summer. The sunsets and sunrises still cast a pink glow in the air, but there aren’t as many of us here to witness the beauty. The same and not the same.

We at the CSA are an intricate web of people. I look forward to working and playing together with you behind the scenes and out in the open, over the winter and when the changing leaves come back again.

All the best to all of you.

Barbara Perry


Here are current committee chairs:

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Arts Jane Taylor
Budget Lou Rollinson
Buildings & GroundsJoel Buzzell
BylawsJim Gosnell
Calendar Linda Schopp
Citations Marjorie Pearsall-Groenwald
Communications Holly Freeburg
Construction Review Tom Kucera
Crystal View Eric Buzzell
Ecology Linda Campbell
Education Fund Ginny Knutsen
Executive  Barbara Perry
Forest Care Julia Nerbronne
Human Resources Tom Williams
Legal Robert Molloy
Membership Ann Burroughs and Linda Kucera
Nominations Elizabeth Gottlieb
Pilgrim Fund David Pray
Preservation Fund Fred Lauerman
Spiritual Life Jim Reisner
Tennis Alan Marble and Dennis Nahnsen
Waterfront  Ann Burroughs and Bob Cooper
Youth  — Luette Frost
AD Hoc Information Technology  — Betsy Barnard