Background on the issue: as a result of the 2006 amendment, one of the main changes was to eliminate the term "family unit" and vest membership in individuals whose names are on deeds of property on the CSA grounds. In 2016 the Bylaws Committee realized that Section III - Board of Trustees, Article C - Eligibility still referred to “family unit” and should be made consistent with the 2006 amendment. It was an oversight not to change it in 2006. This is the reason the Bylaws Committee recommended to the Board last year that the section on Eligibility be amended. The proposed wording of the amendment change were discussed at the Winter 2016 and July 1, 2017 Board of Trustees meetings and a July 5, 2017 Bylaws and Nomination Committees meeting.


The draft below was recommended to the Board of Trustees on July 28, 2017. A motion to accept the amendment was made, seconded and carried unanimously. Next steps include Open Forums in August 2017 and July 2018 to allow members to bring forth discussion on the proposal; printing the amendment proposal in the 2018 Assembly News; and then voting on the amendment at the 2018 Annual Meeting.



C. Eligibility.  At or after the Annual Meeting of 1984, aAll persons elected to the Board of Trustees shall be Members or Associate Members in good standing of the Assembly, or shall be adult children of a Member or Associate Member, and shall have demonstrated their willingness to participate in and contribute to the Christian fellowship of the Assembly.  Not less than two-thirds of the Trustees shall consist of be mMembers, a spouse of a Member, or an adult child of a Member at the time of their annual election to the Board of Trustees. of family units owning property on the Assembly grounds.  After an elected Trustee has served for a term of three years he/she shall not be eligible to be reelected or reappointed until one year has elapsed.



  1. Eliminated reference to 1984 meeting as it is irrelevant.
  2. Clarified that all trustees must be Members or Associate Members in good standing.
  3. Eliminated reference to adult children of Members & Associate Members in first sentence as they can now be Members or Associate Members on their own.
  4. Eliminated reference to “family unit” as this is no longer a defined term in the bylaws.
  5. Added language to state that spouses & adult children of Members shall count towards fulfilling the 2/3 requirement.
  6. Added language that says the status of a trustee for fulfilling the 2/3 requirement is determined at time of election and does not change if he/she buys or sells property on the CSA grounds.

SUMMARY: Draft results in no change to the way the CSA has been operating.