The Congregational Summer Assembly (CSA) Ecology Committee is offering a part-time, Ecology teaching position to provide environmental education classes for children called Ecology Fun. The salary is $75.00 per class. Since 2009, the Ecology Committee has offered classes about the Northwest Michigan environment to children ages 4-10. Classes are held outside, weather permitting. The curriculum has included such topics as: Trees, Reptiles, Rocks, Mammals, Insects and Arachnids, Native American Ecology, Ancient Ecology, Amphibians, and Seeds and Plants. To complement the instruction, the children participate in short hikes, related games, and hands-on activities or crafts. The Ecology Fun Instructor will work closely with members of the Ecology Committee, who assist in running the program. 


Date and times of the classes:

  • Ecology Fun classes for children ages 4-6 and 7-10 will meet from 2:30-3:30 and 3:30-4:30, respectively on Monday OR Friday (TBD). Time on site is 1:45-4:45 p.m.
  • The 2019 summer season runs from June 17 - August 16. The exact eight-week window for ecology classes is to be determined.

Ecology Fun Teaching Responsibilities will include:

  1. Providing instruction on the day’s topic
  2. Guiding a related experience (hike, hands-on activity, etc.)
  3. Providing a “take home” that will reinforce the learning and inform families of the topic

Ecology Fun Teaching requires that the applicant be:

  • Versed in environmental studies
  • Experienced in teaching
  • Highly motivated, conscientious, and reliable
  • Able to work independently and with others
  • Friendly and able to communicate well
  • Someone who truly enjoys working with children

Note: The CSA does not provide housing. 


Please submit letter of interest, resumé, and questions to:

Linda Campbell () and Nancy Baglan ()