Be brave. Write poetry.

Poetry Challenge 7.12.17-7.19.17

This week the challenge is to write about something that has traveled with you for a long time-maybe an object, an idea, an attitude or a certain hope. Put your poem in the envelope on the porch of the Assembly Building or email it to and consider reading your poem at Stunt Night this Friday.

Here is an example to inspire you:

What Changes by Naomi Shihab Nye

My father’s hopes travel with me
years after he died. Someday
we will learn how to live. All of us
surviving without violence
never stop dreaming how to cure it.
What changes? Crossing a small street
in Doha Souk, nut shops shuttered,
a handkerchief lies crumpled in the street,
maroon and white, like one my father had,
from Jordan. Perfectly placed
in his pocket under his smile, for years.
He would have given it to anyone.
How do we continue all these days?


Join the Poetry Challenge 7.5.17-7.11.17

Write a short poem (under 20 syllables) and place it in the envelope on the porch by the ART@CSA white board or email it to by Tuesday, July 11.

Here are a couple examples by poet Michael Ketchek:

a campfire,
a can of beans

underside of a moth
crawling up the screen
darkness beyond

Here is one CSAer’s attempt:

familiar voices
old and new-
dappled light
on the deck